• Pressure Relief Valve Certification Services


Pressure Relief Valve Certification Services


PSV Pneumatic Calibrating unit.

The pneumatic test bench is equipped with the following:

  • Pneumatic test bench fitted with test gauges up to 10,000psi and rated same.

  • Gas booster pump.

  • Number-all punching and labeling machine.

  • Valve tags and lead seals.

  • Lapping stone and polishing compounds.

  • Nitrogen and air bottles.

  • Dead weight tester and weights.

  • Poddy meter (differential calibrator).

The laboratory is well equipped to carry out grinding and polishing of the relief valves on site thereby reducing downtime.


  • Possible testing rate of 12 – 15 relief valves a day on site.

  • Built for continuous daily use.

  • Uses nitrogen gas and air.

  • Rated 10,000psi working pressure.

  • Fitted with high pressure connections.

  • Reliable valve tagging and sealing.

  • On-site lapping and polishing.

  • Portable and transportable.