• About Us

Strengthening clients by system establishment and providing best servicing materials in areas of calibration, testing and mechanical works to make their project in proper manner


TRISENB OIL SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED is an indigenous company carrying out calibration activity for Dimensional, Pressure, Electrical, Temperature, Integrity Testing/ Leak Detection and Mechanical Engineering Services in Nigeria for the oil, gas and energy industries.

Trisenb Oil Services has been trained on enhancing skills of internal audit for IEC/ISO 17025 - 2015 general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratory. Trisenb Oil Services has put in place quality system as derived from ISO 9001: 2015 (‘Criteria Regarding Company Management for the Quality and Company System’). Satisfying the norm. API Q1 9TH EDITION specification for quality management system requirement. As a result, TOSNL has developed a strategic plan, quality policy, vision, mission and goals. Defines Calibration as à “Precision and Reliability of Instruments for better tomorrow”


Trisenb Oil Services is a progressive company and promoted by a group of qualified Engineers and Technicians having rich experience of over 17 years in calibration, testing and Mechanical Engineering services.

Trisenb Oil Services has more than 10 clients in Nigeria. The company serves the local and international customers through on-shore and off-shore operations.

Trisenb Oil Services aims to promote instrument calibration, testing and mechanical engineering services with special emphasis on general competence requirements for the application of proper documentation and many companies are having confidence in our services.

At Trisenb Oil Services, we realize that the ISO certification and training programs must translate us in to specific benefits. We believe that will constantly evolve in to meet the challenges of providing more efficient and cost effective solutions.

Why many units in AOSORWELL NIG. LTD and others had used our services in their projects.

Low Cost:

  • We provide value for money to our customers

  • 100 % return to customer for what he spent in our services

  • Execute calibration and integrity testing services at very low price If you compare our rates vs. cost of project execution by our team members

  • Preparation and execution details in many remote locations is done by us.


  • CEO is having rich professional experience (since 1991) of 27 years

  • Our team have experience of Instrument Calibration and Testing from audit management training, ISO series and other certifications. Our clients are in USA, Nigeria, etc.

  • Our members have experience of 90% success rate for pressure safety valve calibration and certification from reputable oil drilling rigs.

  • “Our satisfied customer says” Your services (Instrument Calibration and Testing) in many remote locations have saved our time which in turn keep our company ahead of 2 months in our project location.


  • On realization of purchase order we will send our competent crew.

  • On receipt of our service crew you have to make introduction and instruct them. The team lead engineer will make few presentation which you (client) do want and every step of the project execution will be ready.

  • In calibration, testing and mechanical engineering projects, the painstaking required competent work completion and documentation is done by us.









Quality Policy

We at TRISENB OIL SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction and thereby achieve leading name in the field of calibration and Testing and Mechanical Engineering services. We shall achieve this by: • Developing good professional practices and providing calibration and testing facility that have desired quality in accordance with customer requirements / reference standards to create environment of trust with our customer, • Maintaining accuracy, precision and reliability of calibration, testing and mechanical engineering services through maintaining standards, • Achieving required quality of services as per expectation of customer, • Creating culture and environment of excellence that encourage our employees, • Complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 9001 : 2015 and continually improve the effectiveness of the management system,